An Introduction to Spirituality

What’s it all about?

What does it mean to you?

Spirituality is the search for meaning and connection in life. It can be seen as a sense of oneness with the universe, or it can be a deep appreciation for nature, music, art and other expressions of human creativity. Spirituality is also about deepening our understanding of ourselves by exploring our personal values and beliefs as well as our relationship with others.

Where it does it come from?

Many people find that their sense of spirituality emerges from their connection with nature, art, music, children, animals and the wonders of science. Spirituality is tied to many of our deepest values and provides purpose and meaning in our lives. But not all people are aware of having a spirituality, though this does not mean one does not exist for them.

Spirituality is a part of life that can be hard to define, but it’s not just something that exists in people who go to church or synagogue every week. Spirituality can also be found outside of organized religion; it’s tied to many of the deepest values we hold and provides purpose and meaning in our lives. Many people find that their sense of spirituality emerges from their connection with Mother Earth.

Spirituality is often discussed as an individual experience rather than as something shared between people; however there are some commonalities among those who feel like they have a spiritual side to them:

  • They believe in some idea bigger than themselves — whether it’s God or another deity like Buddha or Allah — which gives them purpose for living beyond just surviving day-to-day existence.
  • They see themselves connected to other living things through this universal source called “spirit” (i.e., all people share a single soul). This connection may manifest itself physically through empathy towards other creatures (like dogs or cats), for example. 

‘Building spiritual awareness is about exploring your spirit and understanding how you connect with others, the world around you and something greater than yourself—if you believe there is something greater than yourself.’

Nature is a wonderful place to begin exploring your spiritual self

Spirituality can be a personal journey, but it is also universal. When we are more in tune with our spirit, we are able to experience ourselves at a deeper level. We may find that our connection with others feels deeper or more meaningful than before; we may feel an increased sense of gratitude for all that life has given us; or perhaps we begin to see some things in life as having more meaning than they once did.


Spirituality is a personal journey. And it is important to remember that not everyone is on this path. But by becoming more spiritually aware, you open up pathways for self-examination and growth through spirituality.

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