2024 Year Ahead



Did 2024 have you all lit up like a Christmas Tree last December? The promise of a fresh new start, a new year… & some positive astrology looking like it might actually be the best year we’ve had in a frickin’ long time?! 🤩

And then… 6 weeks in: you’re dealing with a truckload of stuff you didn’t see coming, quite frankly don’t even want to deal with, & are now wondering if 2024 is going to be a re-run of 2023? 😵‍💫

Don’t worry babe. I’ve got you. Let’s see into the cards & determine exactly what the Universe has in store for you, & EXACTLY what we’re going to do to leverage it to ensure 2024 runs on YOUR TERMS 💪🏼

Book in for a “2024 Year Ahead” reading with me for £99 & I’ll show you exactly what’s going on with you right now, & what’s just round the corner ✨


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