Finding Your Freedom – Mastermind Programme


Are you ready for the next chapter of the story?!


More details to be dropped soon, but the price will go up accordingly 🔥

Held over on Telegram in a small group setting, weekly teaching over the course of initially three months.

This Mastermind with weekly contact is for you if:

🕊️You feel trapped in cycles & patterns of behaviour but can’t see how to change it

🕊️You’re sick of seeing the same results over & over again in various aspects of your life

🕊️You feel disempowered & frightened of change

🕊️You hate your job but don’t know what else you can do

🕊️You struggle with relationships but want to feel more connected & at peace

🕊️You know you’re meant for more but want help finding direction

🕊️You want someone to help you empower yourself

🕊️You are open to spirituality & witchcraft & want to use it consciously & ethically to your advantage

🕊️You are ready to hear where you’ve been keeping yourself stuck & no longer wish to be in resistance or victimhood

🕊️You want to be a member of a thriving community where ‘when one wins, we all win’

If you know to your core of your being you want IN on this, move now & let’s FIND YOUR FREEDOM 🕊️



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