Obelisk Crystal Tower


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Crystal Obelisk Tower, is a symbol of royalty, honour, spirit, wisdom, truth, enlightenment & vision.

This natural healing crystal wand is used for
healing, energy balancing & aura cleansing; as well as enhancing the energies in the surroundings & balancing the external influences. This crystal wand will absorb the energy of the environment where it is placed or from the person who handles it.

Perfect decor for those who love to collect
gemstones. Crystal point wand for decoration,
spiritual growth and chakras balancing, 5-7cm.

This is a Yellow Aventurine crystal tower.

UNIQUE CRAFTSMANSHIP – Crystal wand hexagonal pointed, which represents stability and peace. It says it is the most stable shape in nature.

POSITIVE ENERGY CRYSTALS – Reiki wand dispels negativity from any space replacing it with positivity & light.

A BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF HOME DECOR – Our crystal tower is suitable for home & office decoration.

POCKET STONES – Carry these crystal wands in the pocket as an energy grid stone for your body.


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