Witching Hour



This is a super-condensed power-hour with me online to work through your blocks, worries & blindspots using my spirituality, my teachings & a variety of divination tools as required!!

We can cover a whole host of areas that you might want to break through:

💥 Business & Marketing
💥 Networking & ‘Connecting You’
💥 Spirituality & Witchcraft
💥 Self-limiting Beliefs & Old Stories
💥 Singing & Bands
💥 Music, The Arts & Events
💥 Teaching & Education
💥 Charitable Organisations
💥 Life in General!!!

I have lots of areas in which I’m involved & have experience, so I’d be delighted to help you in any of these areas!

I definitely resonate with Eclectic Witchcraft 😝✨

Go ahead & add to basket & in the Notes section of your order, put in a preference of date & time for your Witching Hour & I will accommodate an appointment that suits you!

Cannot WAIT to start working with you, LET’S GROWWWW!! 🔥


1 Hour, Weekly for 1 Month, Monthly for 3 Months, Monthly for 6 Months


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