What’s ‘Sowilo & Sage’?! How to embark on your Spiritual Journey

A spiritual awakening can often come about after a so-called ‘Tower moment’ (a reference to the Tower Card in the Tarot deck) where everything seems to be upside-down & make no sense. Has this ever happened to you?  Let’s try to make some sense of it together if you read on below. 

The Tower card from Tarot

A friend & acquaintance wisely once said to me that we hear a lot about ‘Spiritual Enlightenment’ & its connotations of rainbows, fairies & crystal meditation; but what we don’t tend to discuss is the reality of how a spiritual journey can often (yet not exclusively) spring forth, which is more like a ’Spiritual Endarkenment’ [sic.] Whilst the former experiences are completely valid & lovely, we could do with discussing the flip side of the coin too for balance. 

Dark Night of the Soul

Rather than see this ‘Tower Moment’ as a terrible disaster to be feared, we can try to turn this on its head & see where the opportunity is for growth & rebirth. Let me give you a solid example. Before founding Lady of the Swans & Stars in August 2021, our Founder, Hattie, was a State Secondary School teacher for 14 years, having experience as a Head of Year, Head of Department & Faculty, & latterly as  Lead of Emotional Health & Well-being for the Whole School. After a traumatic childbirth, she struggled to adapt to full-time teaching & suffered several ‘random’ illnesses after forcing herself to return to full time work. She was hospitalised with Meningitis in November & yet returned to work the following January. She did not see at the time that she had choices & so forced herself into it. We were then hit with a global pandemic which triggered her mental & physical health acutely. Yet she returned to work again. She was then struck down with a misdiagnosed Retinal Detachment which resulted in a completely collapsed eye (for want of a better phrase) & required an operation at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital to repair it. Recovery was long & arduous. It was only at this point did she start to take note of the huge message the Universe was trying to give her, & by this stage, there was no way she could face returning to the classroom despite loving the children she worked with fondly. It was a hugely precarious & tricky time for her but she knew she needed to take the leap into the unknown. 

A thought-provoking post during Hattie’s ‘Tower Moment’

Finding your Authentic Self 

Whilst it was painful at the time & could certainly be described as a ‘Tower moment’, it actually freed her from a set of circumstances that were no longer serving her, even if she did not see that until a little while later. During this time, Hattie embraced her spiritual nature & dabbled in divination using Oracle cards, runes, incense & spell candles, which really helped her ground herself & stay rooted to her authentic self, which had remained hidden for several years. It was during this time that both the names ‘Lady of the Swans & Stars’ & ‘Sowilo & Sage’ first came to her. At this point, she had no idea who/what/where/when these things were. She just knew she needed to keep these names & the rest would unfurl in divine timing. Which it did & here we are! 

Our Rebranded Facebook Group

Embracing New Energies

Sowilo & Sage is the latest manifestation of this divine timing & we are so excited to share it with you! We decided to rename & rebrand our existing Facebook group ‘Be the Empress with Lady of the Swans & Stars’ to ‘Sowilo & Sage’ because it is this group that will now hold a plethora of different Spell Candle Workshops. The recent ‘Be the Empress’ workshops have now shifted & so our next workshops are called ‘Release the Empress: The Shadow Sessions’ which encourage participants to deep dive into their repressed parts of their personality in order to cast light upon it & therefore reduce the chance of unwittingly projecting those shadow parts onto others. This 2 hour workshop with (snacks & drinks provided!) is a fabulous chance to meet with likeminded people to discuss all things spiritual in a non-judgemental safe space. There are limited places available for this month’s workshops but you can book your place here if you move quickly. 

Our Next Workshop is This Month

Join our Group 

Head over to Facebook (if you are active on that platform) to join our Private Group, here. It’s designed to be an online safe space to discuss all things spiritual, for collective Card Readings, & as a notice-board for the current Workshops. It would be wonderful if you could join our community – you would be most welcome! We have also created an Instagram account for those who aren’t on Facebook, so you can follow us @sowiloandsage if you prefer. 

Top Tips on your Spiritual Journey

1) You are the only one who knows truly what works & doesn’t work for you. Listen your intuition, trust it & let it flourish. The more you trust it, the more it will thrive & help you even more. You know best. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – & if they do, question their motives & agenda. That doesn’t mean reject all guidance; but we suggest using your discernment.  

2) These tips & example given are anecdotal & never intended to be ‘instructions’ or ‘how you should do it’. These are experiences that we have had but by no means demonstrate ‘the only way’! You will find your own way in your own time which will be right for you. In our opinion & experience, a true spiritual path encourages & nurtures independence NOT codependence. 

3) Practice self-care & love being yourself. This takes time & practice – but you can do it if you want to. Signs & synchronicities will give you the extra boost of confidence that you may need. You can do whatever you want to do! You might want to try using some Candle Magic. Trust the process, relax & surrender to the Divine timing. We look forward to hearing from you about your journeys & what bears fruit for you! 

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! 

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